Stuff I saw on the internet last week: "ok so now take out your blowtorch"

Happy Monday! Sorry for being MIA the last week and a bit — I threw my back out (yay for getting old!) and basically was just lying down, and then I just ended up not writing at all. But back at it this week!

Let’s look at internet things.

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I can’t believe there are people this clueless:

Me: it is just his personality. It’s your fault you don’t understand everyone’s relationship. Everyone got along until you came.

Alia: what are you talking about? My husband has always disliked your husband.

Me: well he didn’t say anything for a year, it means he’s okay with it. It’s just you.

This fucking guy “doesn’t trust” the DNA test he took and THEN IT GETS WORSE AND ABLEIST IN THE COMMENTS:

I don’t think he is mine. I have another son on the way now. About a year ago his mother put me on child support that I don’t pay because I’m not paying for a child that’s not mine. I sighed the birth certificate so I’m screwed there. I owe over 2 grand so they suspended my license.

Terrible parenting, terrible boundaries, and a good way to ensure your kid stops talking to you when they get older:

my stepson Joshua is nice to everyone and likes sharing a lot, it's his way of forming strong bonds. My son Scotty, however, is the complete opposite. He hates sharing and is very private. He takes offense to his brother going into his room and borrowing stuff from him. He hates that Joshua does it frequently but my wife and I thought it was completely normal as long as Joshua returns everything later.

Hoo boy, I love when people tell on themselves like this:

I don't care if he dates. I just don't want his attention to be on another woman rather than me. I've known him and supported him all these years. I'll be here after he dumps her or she dumps him. I'll be here always before and after any other woman. I'll support him, be his shoulder to cry on. No other woman would support him and know him as well as I do. And it's hurtful he won't see that.


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  1. Going to the Sunnydale High prom in Buffy Season 3.

  2. Warning: adorable jump scare.

  3. Aw, the poor little guy in the back.

  4. No chill at all and I love it.

  5. Damn, my pet just crawls underneath the sheets and refuses to move.

  6. This is a real mood.

  7. “When someone says they need to ‘do more research’ about the vaccine.”

  8. A predictable before and after.

  9. This made me audibly guffaw.

  10. And finally, some nice vibes to start out your week.


That’s all for me today, gorgeous! Talk to you soon.