Stuff I saw on the internet last week

Happy Monday! Time once more to round up all the funny, interesting, and weird stuff I saw on the internet last week.

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In last week’s episode of I Hate It But I Love It, Jocelyn and I talked about Firefly and the spinoff film Serenity, discussing things like how hot Gina Torres and Alan Tudyk are, how River isn’t so much a character as a plot device, how Mal is a dick and only Nathan Fillion’s performance sorta saves it, and our theory about how the Reavers work. (You can subscribe to I Hate It But I Love It in all the usual places, including AppleSpotifyStitcher, and Pocket Casts.)


The early 2000s were a nightmare for so many reasons:

This nerd girl won my heart:

They’re basically the same person:

The main reason I need this pandemic to be over:

This is quite the story (click through for the whole thread):


This person is definitely the asshole, but seems to have realized the error of their ways in the comments:

Annie and I helped out as much as we could, and after a while, Julie started getting back on her feet. Unfortunately, a couple months into COVID, the store went bankrupt, leaving Julie unemployed. She started working three part times to provide for her and the baby. She’s asked me to borrow money 3 times in the past 6 months, and while financially I can more than afford it, I’m worried that she’s becoming a mooch and just using me for money.

The main conflict happened last month. We were on the phone and I mentioned that work’s been stressful for me, and she laughed really condescendingly and said “yeah, talk to me when you’re not the guy making 6 figures from one job, with no family to provide for.” I felt hurt and invalidated, so I told her that 1) it’s not my fault she decided to have kids and has to spend extra on them, and 2) her problems aren’t the only ones that matter and the world doesn't revolve around her. Long story short, there was a lot of yelling, and she would up calling me an asshole and hanging up on me.

These synchronized beauties:

Yes, you are completely the asshole for stealing your best friend’s baby name just because she can’t have biological children:

I honestly was shocked as I thought she would be really touched. As I said she will not be able to naturally have children herself, so she can never use this name. When I tried to reason that out, she said she could adopt a baby that was unnamed, even though previously she has told me she has interest in adopting children, not babies. To me it was like she was grasping at straws and just does not want us to use this name out of jealousy or resentment. 

And here’s a very good video about two best friends.


2020 in a nutshell:

(via adamthegirl.)

I’m not crying, you’re crying:

(via socialworkgradstudents, post found here.)

Dark chocolate is bad:

(via murolo-moved.)

And this Tumblr post is long, but worth it:

(via drakewalkerhateblog, post found here.)


That’s all for me today, gorgeous! Talk to you soon.



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