Stuff I saw on the internet last week

Happy Monday! It’s time once again to round up all the stuff I saw on the internet last week that I think you should see, too.

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In last week’s episode of I Hate It But I Love ItJocelyn and I discussed The Devil’s Advocate, which was a lot less campy and a lot more upsetting than we remembered. Content warning: the episode includes discussion of sexual violence against women and children, incest, and suicide. This movie is awful. (You can subscribe to I Hate It But I Love It in all the usual places, including AppleSpotifyStitcher, and Pocket Casts.)



What a sad, sad, little man:

One of our friends, Trish, was mentioning that she was nervous for a driving exam, so Jean was trying to reassure her. Which would be fine, except she used the exact phrasing she uses when she's powering me up. I got really upset and stayed quiet for the rest of the movie. When she asked me what was wrong, I told her the truth. I feel like she shouldn't be wasting my power words on other people. I need them most 

People with pregnant parters, don’t tell them that them rubbing their bellies bugs you:

I get that it's about bonding, but I asked her to maybe not do it so much around me because it makes me uncomfortable. I got told I was controlling and unsupportive, but those are pretty outrageous claims considering how much support I have given her. Never once have I complained about anything until now, so what she said was extremely hurtful. She doesn't even see me that much during the week, so I don't understand how I am controlling.

What a cutie pie:


Excuse me, she named the baby Rum Tum Tugger:

(via biggest-gaudiest-patronuses.)

Speaking of Twilight:

(via squoiler.)

This week’s “oofamagoof”:

(via broken-skies-and-angel-wings, thread found here.)

This is several years old but I only saw it this past week: You should really watch all of the Bad Lip Reading version of High School Musical, but if you must only watch one clip, please watch this one:

Also here’s a really good TikTok.


That’s all for me today, gorgeous! Talk to you soon.



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