Stuff I saw on the internet last week: "Who knows how many more drugs Big Horse is hiding from us?"

Happy Monday! The last week of September and the first two weeks of October are my favourite time of year, so I’m really vibin’ today. But maybe you’re not, and that’s okay! Let’s look at internet stuff.

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Last week on my podcast I Hate It But I Love ItJocelyn and I closed out Mediocre Superhero Month with 2003’s Daredevil, a terrible film in which Ben Affleck seems to be sulking the entire time. And this week, we’re starting with Spooky Scary month, beginning with M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village! You should subscribe, if you wanna be cool. (You can find I Hate It But I Love It in all the usual places, including AppleSpotifyStitcher, and Pocket Casts.)

This is a good sketch about Christopher Nolan movies:



Ah, a police officer with black-and-white thinking on a power trip over a woman he keeps describing as “my girl”! Totally good and normal, cool cool cool:

The next day the city's in lockdown, I’m not able to address with Jarrod nor my girl what happened. The last few week she’s talking to me less and less. My anxiety knowing my girl is locked down in such a toxic situation is overwhelming. Last week I decided to do a welfare check but send my partner in. He did it but afterwards said that was f*cked up of me. Later that night my girl cut it entirely and filled a complaint against me. I truly didn’t believe I did anything wrong and was just trying to protect my girl but I’ve lost my girl and in career trouble.

This is heartbreaking, a young boy realizing that his dad’s love is conditional:

Then, to my horror, my husband told my son that his half brother had the opportunity to be a good kid and make his dad proud, getting a high paying job but now he works as a long haul trucker. I tried to interject and say that you can also have a good life and meet good people doing those jobs, but my husband glared at me.

Just so, SO many red flags from this dude:

she said she just wants a best man not a MOH and no bridesmaids which is weird IMO. My family is traditional, I know they won’t like it if she has no bridesmaids there and a guy instead. My Dad already thinks Hanna’s relationship with Her male best friend is inappropriate & she shouldn’t be so close to another guy when she’s in a long term relationship. Tbh I don’t like her “best friend,” either, I feel like he doesn’t like me and wants to turn Hanna against me but I hold my tongue because I know she’d get mad if I told her.

Weaponized incompetence is not attractive, folks:

I never really cared about my clean clothes looking nice or anything while I’m not wearing them so I kinda just cram my clothes in my dresser. I don’t have a ton of clothes so they fit fine. She on the other hand has a lot of clothing. So I finish doing the laundry and go back to watching tv. When she gets home she starts screaming at me and telling me that I didn’t do her laundry correctly. She was mad because I didn’t fold her clothes and just crammed them in the drawers and she couldn’t get her drawers to open easily. I told her that that’s how I do laundry and if she didn’t like it then she should just do it herself.


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  1. Is Couch Guy TikTok ridiculous and unimportant? Of course. But the TikTok algorithm has decided I need to keep watching conspiracy videos about it.

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  10. The perfect start to October: Pumpkin Puppy.


That’s all for me today, gorgeous! Talk to you soon.